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Strategies for Preparing Your Home for Interior and Exterior Painting

Strategies for Preparing Your Home for Interior and Exterior Painting

Summer is the best time to paint your home’s exterior. And while you can paint your interior any time you want, it can help to knock both jobs off your to-do list simultaneously.

Whether you are trying to increase your home’s value or protect its structural integrity, interior and exterior painting has multiple benefits. But you may not know what to expect if this is your first time hiring professional painters.

A best practice is to prep your interior and exterior for painting. That way, you can protect your belongings and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

How do you prep your home for interior painting, exterior painting, or both? We are breaking it down in this guide, so keep reading to find out.

How to Prep Your Home for Interior Painting

It is customary for homeowners to prep their spaces for interior painting. Preparing the space protects your possessions from paint damage. It also helps the house painter finish his job faster and more efficiently.

If you pay your painters by the hour, you may also save money when you take care of the following tasks for them.

Remove Wall Decor and Window Furnishing

Your interior painters may offer furniture and decor removal services for an added cost. But using these services can be risky, especially if you have expensive or precious items in the room.

Instead, consider removing wall decor and window furnishings yourself. You can put them away in a safe place to ensure they won’t get damaged by paint or other accidents.

Roll Away Rugs and Floor Coverings

A good painting company will put down floor coverings before starting the job. But even the thickest and highest-coverage plastic can still allow paint through. That’s bad news for your rugs and floor coverings.

Don’t take the risk. Roll up your favorite rug and store it elsewhere until the painters leave.

Carpeting is different. You can’t just roll it up and remove it from the room. Instead, consider applying painter’s tape around the carpet’s perimeter, where paint is most likely to seep through.

Pull Furniture Away from the Walls

You don’t have to move furniture out of a room if you don’t want to. After all, it’s challenging to find a place to store everything, especially during a whole-home interior painting job.

Instead, pull the furniture away from the walls. Give workers at least six feet of room to maneuver. And avoid stacking pieces just in case the painters need to move furniture around as they work.

Dropcloths or plastic coverings can shield your furniture from paint splatter. Of course, you can also remove furniture pieces from the room entirely if you are extra concerned about an item getting damaged.

Prep the Walls a Few Days Prior

The painting company you hire should give your wall prep instructions when you schedule the job. If they don’t, here are some general rules of thumb.

First, give your walls a thorough cleaning. Aim to clean the walls at least two days before the job so they have time to dry.

The best way to clean your walls before painting is to use a soft sponge and warm water. Add a little detergent-based soap to the mix for caked-on grease or grime.

Finally, ensure you deal with rust, pest infestations, or rotten wood before the painters arrive. If you don’t, the painters may not be able to complete the job.

How to Prep Your Home for Exterior Painting

If you hire a professional exterior painting company, you don’t need to prep the area with painter’s tape and dropcloths. But consider how you can make it easier for workers to do their job.

For example, you can move outdoor furniture blocking their way. Trim back any landscaping that might get in the way. And don’t forget to turn on the exterior water spigot just in case the painters need access to water while they work.

Otherwise, here are the top things you need to do before the painting company arrives.

Power Washing

Paint can’t stick to your home’s exterior if it’s dirty or dusty. So, the first step in your prep process should be to wash the area that needs painting.

A regular hose and a long-handled scrub brush are sufficient. But bonus points if you can access a power washer. Power washing will save time, especially if you have a larger or multi-storied home.


For the best results, remove any flaking or loose paint. You could use a paint scraper. But sanding the exterior is the gold standard.

A random-orbit or pad sander will make the job go faster. Another strategy to consider is using a piece of sandpaper to address problem areas and paying the painting company to take care of the rest for a small fee.


Gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior are ideal places for moisture to invade. And that’s not just bad news for your home’s structural integrity. Moisture can also cause unsightly peeling of fresh and old paint.

Prepping for exterior house painting is the perfect time to address any cracks or gaps. Use caulk to fill in these areas for a seamless end result.

Need Interior and Exterior Painting in Sarasota County, FL?

Prepping your home for interior and exterior painting benefits you and your painting company. Prep your interior by removing your belongings and washing the walls. Prep your exterior with a thorough wash, caulk job, and sanding.

Are you looking for the best painting companies in Sarasota County? Sunshine Painting provides residential painting services for home interiors and exteriors. Get in touch with Sunshine Painting to schedule a free quote today!

Gerry Reif is the dedicated founder behind Sunshine Painting LLC, a leading residential and commercial painting company in Florida. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for transforming spaces, Gerry brings years of expertise and a commitment to excellence to every painting project. Under his leadership, Sunshine Painting LLC has become the trusted choice for those seeking top-notch painting services.

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